Thursday, December 06, 2012

Psychiatry in dissent

I have mentioned the book Psychiatry in dissent in a previous entry. Vivek Datta echoes this book in the title of  his eletter posted in response to the article about psychiatry beyond the current paradigm that I mentioned in the previous post. He makes clear that the motivation for a remedicalised psychiatry is the fear that psychiatrists will be made redundant in the current financial pressures on health systems (see another previous post).

He misses the point that medicine in general needs to be more patient-centred. Psychiatry could, and in theory should, lead the way on this. Patients should be suspect of a remedicalised psychiatry that clearly is primarily about the interests of psychiatrists, not patients.

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Anonymous said...

Datta, the young biological psychiatrist said:-

"We are constantly reminded that psychiatry is in crisis, be this a crisis of existence, a crisis of identity, or a crisis in recruitment.2 The real crisis in psychiatry is a crisis of purpose. Psychiatry has attempted to stay relevant and its attempts have been futile because psychiatry is relevant. Psychiatry will always be relevant, as long as we remember that it is about the medical, psychological, social and spiritual care of the mentally ill. It cannot be anything more. It must not be anything less."

What faith. We can expect faith from the psychiatric cult members. He has faith that his quackery will always be "relevant". Let's hope not.

"The medical care" of those he labels "mentally ill".


Now, "doctor", please show us the evidence for any bona fide "medical" problems you believe those you label "mentally ill" have in their bodies.

I'll be waiting, just like the world has been waiting centuries for you quacks to prove anything at all.

How many innocent people did Datta forcibly drug when he trained in the UK?

How many innocent people does he continue to forcibly drug in the US?

These are the more "relevant" questions in evaluating the "relevance" of "Dr." Datta.

*Oh, and you've got a crisis in recruitment because most medical students see psychiatry for the quackery that it is.

And thank God.

The last thing we need is more human rights abusers to replenish the last generation of human rights abusers.

If biomedical psychiatry "Services" (that are forced on you) are understaffed, then we feel safer. Thank you med students who didn't become psychiatrists, I have the utmost respect for you. You chose wisely, not to soil yourselves morally for the rest of your lives by RAPING the brains of innocent people.

May you heal bodily disease in the physical medicines, and make lots of money, and find great comfort and fulfillment in your careers, you are impressive people.

Psychiatry's wasters on the other hand, may you one day face your own Nuremberg trials and get the ignominious ruination you meted out to your many victims.