Saturday, January 19, 2013

Event for psychiatrists

Following the special article in the British Journal of Psychiatry (see previous post),  the Critical Psychiatry Network has organised a day at the University of  Nottingham on 15th April 2013 (see provisional programme).


Anonymous said...

Looks useful, I'll circulate to the Scottish folk on my mailing list and put it on my websites, facebook etc. Chrys

Altostrata said...

Might I suggest a workshop about tapering people off psychiatric drugs? Including:

- Cutting up tablets
- Opening capsules and counting out beads (Effexor XR, Cymbalta)
- Getting liquids compounded
- Do-it-yourself liquids
- Types of oral syringes
- What to do if withdrawal symptoms appear (hold on the taper or reinstate)
- Yes, tiny amounts of drugs can have a big effect (there is no such thing as a therapeutic dose)
- It takes as long as it takes; rates of taper are individualized

Anonymous said...

may i suggest ideas for further events?
I attended an Islamic 'mela' where I live [because I like the food and henna painting] and noticed a 'Borrow a Muslim' tent where anyone could speak to the men and women in the tent about anything. So if you wanted to ask 'why do you wear that funny headscarf?' you could, no question was too stupid, trivial or heavy for them, it was brilliant.
How about 'Borrow a user/survivor/loony'?
Where you have a bunch of survivors with experience/expertise in different areas willing to sit and talk/debate with individuals or small groups of psych's on a wide variety of subjects.