Saturday, October 30, 2021

Dr Ellie helpfully exposes bias of “standard NHS advice” about antidepressants

Dr Ellie Cannon found it weird that she was criticised for giving what she considers standard NHS advice about antidepressants on the This Morning TV programme (see her Mail on Sunday article). Although I had some concerns about the wording in places, I was one of the signatories to an Open Letter to This Morning about the segment on the programme in which she appeared.

I don’t want to undermine her faith in antidepressants as she takes them herself, but I do think it is important that patients are given correct information to help them make decisions about antidepressants with their doctor. I’m not convinced Dr Ellie understands the criticisms of what she said by labelling them “anti-psychiatry”. Although she may have been trying to dispel myths, she has perpetuated the myth that depression is due to a “chemical imbalance” in the brain (see eg. previous post). She’s not the only doctor that misleads her patients in this way.


Truth Needed 9 said...

Sad how many are springing to defend her and calling prescribed harm victims “trolls” who are a “mob” piling on this GP and “harassing her” bc she has a “different opinion”. She has a dangerous, wrong “opinion” and has not addressed the serious risks of dependency, severe WD, mania, PSSD, suicide from akathisia or other drug reactions.

cobweb said...

There was massive anger and distress about the misinformation propogated by Ellie Cannon. If it wasn't for the networks which share information via the net this would likely have had much less publicity and oportunity to challenge her statements. These programmes by media medics can undermine years of work to get the truth out . GPs as well as other medics have a duty according to GMC Guidelines to be well informed about medications and other treatments. Their own decision making about personal treatments are not supposed to be used to influence others' decisions. The right of the public when consulting medics or listening to media doctors is to have up to date information. Ellie Cannon's lack of her duty to keep up to date and then defend her position was astonishing It even contraved the guideline published by NICE. including using the outdated advice used to encourage reluctant individuals to take ADs as akin to taking meds for diabetes. To hear that still being used is worrying . I have referred a concern to the GMC. Ellie herself nor the practice manager were available to discuss or acknowledge e-mails or phone calls from those who were more than willing to have a civilised debate. Susanne