Monday, August 24, 2009

International Critical Mental Health Movement

Following the last Critical Psychiatry Network conference held in Norwich (conference website) there has been talk about setting up an International Critical Mental Health Movement. This is not an initiative of the Critical Psychiatry Network, which is a group of psychiatrists, mostly from the UK. It is important that the International Movement is widely based and inclusive.

Please post your comments. Expressions of interest and ideas about how to develop the movement would be welcome. It is envisaged that the International Movement would be open both to individuals and groups, so comments on behalf of organisations will be particularly welcome.

Please circulate interested people and organisations about this posting, so that they can also add their comments.


Unknown said...

I think the idea of an international critical mental health movement is an imperative part of the wider agenda for CPN but I also feel strongly that we should, as a movement target audiences at a grass root level including trainees here in the UK.
As a senior trainee, I found the last( and my first) CPN conference very useful and informative, but surprised at the lack of apparent psychiatric trainee involvment. I think we should be targetting clinical tutors in deaneries and perhaps consider a 'UK roadshow' for educational events as part of this movement
best wishes
Prem Jeyapaul SPR

Alan said...

Thanks again for your work in organising the conference, which was very enjoyable. I'd welcome an international effort. I wonder whether anything akin to the critical psychiatry network exists in other coutries. Currently in the Netherlands there are a number of groups coalescing around resistance to recent reforms in the financing of Mental Health Care. This could be a springboard into forming a network. We expect to take concrete action on this front in the coming year.

Anonymous said...

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