Friday, May 03, 2013

Call to embrace social paradigm

Leaders of British academic social psychiatry argue in BJPsych editorial that the rules regulating research and the dominant neurobiological paradigm may have stifled creativity. The new charity MQ: Transforming Mental may need to take this perspective more on board. (Why's it called MQ?)


Anonymous said...

MQ stands for More Quackery. And that is no doubt what we will see given a quick read of their "research programme" which includes research into "bipolar disease and schizophrenia", two DSM labels these quacks seem to think refer to bona fide diseases.

More Quackery, MQ. I seriously pity anyone dumb enough to flush their life down the toilet by specializing in psychiatry, you people could have done so much good with a medical degree, instead you chose to become quacks. So sad.

Psycritic said...

Did you see this recent article in Health Affairs? (Via a commenter on 1BOM.) I think it makes a similar argument that the social aspect of mental conditions is critical, and that how we define psychiatric conditions should not controlled by the APA.

- Psycritic