Sunday, October 16, 2016

Too much neuroscience

NIMH has a new director, Dr Joshua Gordon. An article in The New York Times criticises the previous director, Thomas Insel, for shifting the focus of the NIMH research budget too much away from clinical research to neuroscience. Although the article could have been more sceptical of the possibilities of neuroscientific research, there is an important question about whether biomedical research funding is good value for money. Powerful vested interests don't necessarily produce the most neutral scientific progress.

I would like to see more investment in social psychiatry (see previous post) and critical neuroscience (see another previous post).

(With thanks to Facebook post by Christian Perring)


sandgroperdada said...

Hi Duncan
Are you going to San Diego in May 2017?

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Amit Banerjee

Mark p.s.2 said...

From the linked article "Many patients continue to suffer, struggle and lead unhappy lives. Some will kill themselves, despite the best available medications, psychotherapies and skilled therapists. "

Yes many people judged "ill" from a professional, will kill themselves FROM THE JUDGEMENT.

Like Jesus reportedly healed the sick in ancient times, in todays world the opposite, false doctors induce lifetime sickness on people. You need medication for your illness, an illness only I can see and define.

Alisen said...

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