Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Still against the grain to be against biomedical psychiatry

I've managed to find a Psychiatric Times article by David Kaiser (1996) 'Against biologic psychiatry' which I thought had been lost in the ether. Unfortunately I can't find his associated articles that featured in the MHi 'Against the Grain' series. My critical psychiatry webguide, which originally was published on the Royal College of Psychiatrists' website in 2001 featured these articles. Some of the other links on the webguide are also now dead.

Kaiser's articles were also some of the first I posted on my list of articles critical of psychiatry, which I collected over many years on my Critical Psychiatry website. Again, many of the links in the list and on the Critical Psychiatry website in general are now dead.

As I indicated in the webguide, an advantage of the internet in the early days was that it provided a forum for critiquing biomedical psychiatry. In the modern days of social media, we have become used to everyone being able to express their views online about many things, besides psychiatry. Still, two of my first posted comments in the list of articles (see first and second), critiquing 1999 psychiatric journal articles about the biological basis of schizophrenia stand as much now as they did then. I didn’t bother submitting them to the journals as letters because they wouldn’t have been published! But I could self-publish on the internet. Kaiser's expression of his "dismay and outrage [at] the rise and triumph of the hegemony known as biologic psychiatry" doesn't seem to have had as much impact as it should have done from within psychiatry.

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