Saturday, January 14, 2012

Critical rationality in psychiatry still required

Another book by Arthur Kleinman has made the BMJ medical classics list (see previous post about the other book) - this time The illness narratives - see review.

Kleinman edited a book with Theo Manschreck in 1977 called Renewal in psychiatry in which they defined critical rationality as a:-
commitment to rational evaluation and derivation of knowledge. It encompasses the critical scrutiny of prevalent beliefs and practices; and refers to the use of explicit values and rigorous methods, clear concepts and argument, precision in thinking, and supportive evidence to help us harness the creativity of imagination and intuition in the discovery of new knowledge. It promotes exacting standards for the process of inquiry, regardless of its object; and it is self-critical. It therefore qualifies as an indispensable standard governing clinical discourse, teaching and research. 
Good to see that someone who could be said to have been involved in the origination of critical psychiatry is getting such recognition.

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